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Rhinoplasty it is the surgery that we apply to correct the structural defect of the shape of the nose, which is one of the vital parts  with the highest significant approach at the middle of the face or to correct the undesirable appearance.

It is a surgery that we can concurrently  repair its functionalitiy, such as  breathing disorders or dodginess in sense of smell , in addition to the aesthetic appearance.  We operate the surgery under general anesthesia within 2-3 hours.  During surgery, revolutionary changes are made in the cartilage and bone skeleton of the nose under the skin, a new skeleton is formed, and the final shape of the nose reveals.

After the surgery, silicone tampons that allows breathing easily and a thermal plaster are placed on the nose, and it is kept stable for approximately one week.  After the surgery ,we make suggestions about cleaning and taking care of the nose to our patients.